Monday, 23 May 2011

Prime Minister Of Qatar's Diplomatic Fleet

Have not seen any Diplomatic Plates in Oxford for months, and the in Broad Street this afternoon there was a one in every parking spot. All here as a part of the Prime Minster of Qatar's visit to the Sheldonian Theatre.
There is a lot of talk in the press at the moment about the amount of money the US Embassy owes the Mayor of London in Congestion Charges, and how the US Embassy is refusing to pay outstanding bills. I was happy to see the drivers for all these cars going to get and paying for parking while in Broad Street.
145D795 Egypt and 236D375 Qatar
SEN1 Senegal
1 KUW Kuwait
198D580 Kuwait
1 UZB Uzbekistan
102D241 Algeria
BAH 1 Bahrain
1RL Republic of Lebanon
236D355 Qatar


Paul said...

I can see where the Americans are coming from with their refusal, they see parking charges as a tax and as such they are exempt. The congestion charge is in all but name a tax. Paul at Leeds in Yorkshire daily photography

Peter Robson said...

Please may I use your image of Algerian diplomatic car 102D241 outside Blackwell's in a book I am compiling about car registrations? If so, would it be possible to supply me with a high-def version? Kind regards. Peter Robson. Email: